There are many rooms in my father’s house

“There are many rooms in my father’s house.” There is even room for the animals.  After the feast of St Francis of Assis last week, we had a Pets Service this afternoon and the animal, mostly dogs, contributed to the singing.  There was one hamster, but he felt rather intimidated and stayed in his cage. (pictures to follow from John Adams)

It reminded me of a quotation from my current book, “The Road of Hope” by Cardinal FX Nguyen Van Thuan:  How penetrating is the word of God! Diversity!  Treat everyone differently according to each individual’s personality, something that must be respected.  Do not look at everyone as if they were all the same; human beings are not quantities or numbers.  With individuals, two plus two does not always equal four, just as with melons.  Yes, melons.  Two melons puls two melons generally adds up to four kilos, but sometimes you may need six melons to make up four kilos.  The moral is, look at each case individually.   With the blessing this afternoon , for some it was thanks giving. For Jezebel, it was exorcism!