The Spider Sets Out His Web

Last Saturday everything was set fair for the parish to make a lot of money towards the cost of the refurbished benches in St John the Baptist’s. The weather was great, the children were on half term holiday and lots of toys and bottles had come in for our annual Michaelmas Fayre. We were blessed with a large crowd before 11.30 all eager to sample Fr Andrew’s Curry Lunch. Again he made over seven hundred pounds on his stall which goes to show how his good name is spreading over the web! The day would not have been complete without face-painting, and even the Parish Priest got caught up in the fun(after £50 sponship!). It took a lot of soap and muscle to get it off before the Evening Mass. In the end we had a great day bonding within the Community Web and we even made over £4000 towards the church benches – mind you the benches cost £500 each to refurbish and there are fifty benches!