Update on the Church Car Park

Steve Isles, the Head of Highways Dept of Croydon Council has just told us on 10th March, that we should get our car park back next week.  By the feast of St Joseph(19th March) we should be back to normal.  With a bit of luck they will also have Dale Road open and the Godstone Road open for heavy traffic.It has been quite amazing the number of cars who try to get out on to the Godstone Road in spite of five signs saying “Road Closed”.  It is even more frustrating to come up behind heavy goods vehicles trying to do the impossible and getting stuck in the back roads in Kenley.

Now our problems will soon be over .  As a consequence we will resume the 12 o’clock Mass at St John the Baptist as from Sunday 23rd March.  We thank the John Fisher School for allowing us to use the School Chapel for our 12 noon Mass during the flooding.  You have missed your chance of seeing your Parish Priest walk on water!

Canon Jim