baptismLike all good parents, you want the best for your child. Your request for the gift of baptism shows that you want your child to join the Christian family, and come to know God as a loving Father.

Baptisms are held at 13:00 on  Sundays (excluding Lent and Advent and the months of June and August) with a Baptism Preparation Course being held the month before; details of courses and dates for Baptism will be in the newsletter.

A green form should be collected from the Presbytery, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00 at least six weeks before the selected date.

You should be resident in the Parish or have some strong family connection.  If you do not live in this Parish you must obtain a letter from your Parish Priest giving his permission for the Baptism to be held in Purley and also confirming that you attend Mass regularly. The Baptism Course runs for two Saturdays from 11.30 for approximately an hour. One session is in the Parish Centre and one in the Church.

The Programme

Our parish programme has been designed to enable you, as parents, to deepen your own faith because your child will be baptised in your faith. Therefore, it is important that you take part in the preparation for this sacrament.

Application For Baptism

Parents are reminded that:

  1. By asking to have their child baptised, the parents want him or her to become a child of God and a member of God’s Church. This means that they must be practising members of the Church themselves.
  2. At the baptism the parents solemnly promise before God the accept the privilege and the responsibility of ensuring that their child grow up in the knowledge, love and service of God.
  3. It is the parents themselves who set the example to their children by their own practice of the faith: daily prayer, Sunday Mass and Holy Communion.
  4. Godparents must be practising Catholics so that they can also give a good example to their godchild. They must be confirmed and over sixteen years of age.