First Communion

fhcFirst Communions are held during the month of June. Your child must be in Year 3 or above and should be attending Mass regularly. The First Communion classes run on a Saturday every week during term time from the beginning of December until May with the Sacrament of Reconciliation taking place during February.

There is a monthly meeting for parents and if either the child or the parent are not able to keep this commitment regularly than the First Communion of the child will be deferred until the following year. Depending upon the number of children, there are usually three morning sessions and two evening sessions. If you have a preference for time then you must get the application form together with a copy of the Baptism Certificate to the Parish Office very promptly. These application forms are available from mid October.

Parents are expected to take an active part in the preparation of their child for First Holy Communion and in the planning of the Celebrations and Going Forth Mass.


The home is the most important setting in which our faith will grow. It is within the home that children first experience something of God and his love.

Parents are the primary educators of their children with respect to their Faith. When your child was baptised, you made a promise to nurture the faith in the child’s life; you would be the first teachers and the hope was expressed that you would be ‘the best teachers in the ways of faith’.

So the role of Parents or Guardians is key to the well-being of your child in this whole process of their Faith Journey. You will be asked to take a very active part in the preparation programme. You will be the main teachers. You will also be given every assistance to help you with what is required. Our Group Leaders will always be willing to give assistance when needed.


For this programme to be fruitful, you as parents or guardians must be actively involved in the worship within our Parish. To join this programme, the Catholic parent or guardian must be a regular attender at Mass in the Parish. If you regularly attend another parish then you must apply to that parish for your child’s First Holy Communion. This is the single most important criterion when considering an application. How else could you pass on the need to share public worship together with your children if you do not go to Mass yourself? There will be a special Mass for the First Holy Communion children at 10:00 one Sunday each month.